Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

–George Bernard Shaw

I grew up in an underground house my parents built in the woods near the Finger Lakes of New York. I have warm memories of homemade pies and canning veggies, moss and fossil collecting, overgrown flower gardens with buzzing bees and whirring cicadas, dirt roads lined with hedges of wild grapes and chicory sprigs and Queen Anne’s Lace, firefly galaxies, clothesline labyrinths, potato digging and corn shucking and apple picking, and running barefoot everywhere.

I have illustrated four children’s books, one of which was a finalist for the 2013 IndieFab Best Children’s Book Award.

I currently live and work in beautiful Castro Valley, California, high atop a ridge covered in patches of live oak, red bottlebrush, and manzanita, with a few scattered redwoods. My studio is just out the backdoor, perched over Crow Canyon, and when my girls and I are out gardening on the terraces, we see the gliding silhouettes of crows and red-tailed hawks.