Genius–Guiding Spirit


Finished a painting I started a while ago! This color palette was one of my favorites when I first began the piece. Using middle-grade cold-pressed watercolor paper, and I can definitely tell the difference between this and my normal Arches (the best!). But it still works pretty well with the tube watercolor pigments.

I notice that when I’m working with the mid-grade paper and Dr. Ph Martin’s liquid watercolors that the paint tends to bleed a lot more into the individual fibers of the paper. I’m working on a bigger painting where I only used the liquid watercolors and will post about that later–how the qualities of those differ from tube watercolor pigments.

I decided to name this one “Genius,” and the animal is supposed to be that–a guiding spirit. Potentially part of my oracle deck…still a long way to go with that project! And I still have a whole backlog of paintings I have to finish and a picture book I’d like to complete. Just need to take it day by day…

2 thoughts on “Genius–Guiding Spirit

  1. Erin, I love this picture, both the palette and the design. I’m sure that if I’d been able to do anything vaguely resembling it, I’d have filled every square inch with colour- and it wouldn’t have worked as this has.


    1. Thank you so much…that means a lot to me. Whenever I paint, I never quite have the full design in my head and don’t start with an underdrawing, so I’m constantly having to take a step back and see how I want to develop it! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…and color is my Achilles’ heel too but it’s also my favorite part of the process šŸ™‚


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