More Unicorns and the Fairy Room


Working on a unicorn painting to get back in the swing of things, do a bit of practice. I haven’t painted in a while, probably because I don’t like looking at the ever-expanding zone of chaos my little art corner has become.

Luckily, my studio is almost finished!! Then, I’ll be able to move all of my art supplies to a special, designated place, which makes me feel a lot more productive.

I’m going to finish this one tonight or tomorrow and then start on a commissioned piece. Hopefully, my fingers and right brain will have been sufficiently reawakened by then.


And I got some prints for my little girl’s room…they arrived today and look so magical 🙂 I also have a poster of “Midsummer Eve” by Edward Robert Hughes. The two above are by John Bauer and John Atkinson Grimshaw.